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History about the

Windblown Birch Series

 TheWindblown Birch Series

As a child growing up in rural Mississauga, near Eglington and Hurontario, there were so many woods and treed areas that I loved to wander through.  My absolute favorite was the White Birch.  Looking up through those graceful branches, with the blue sky as the backdrop was stunning.  Now, how beautiful is that?  Back to Mother Nature's artistry!

The white birch, Betula Papyrifera (also know as the paper or the canoe birch, is native to North America.  I find them to be very graceful, majestic and a loved subject for my artistic endeavor.

Since February 2014,  I have been working on this Windblown Birch Tree Series.  I really enjoy this technique of using drippings of acrylic paints and letting gravity do its thing.  During this creativity, I felt calm yet excited!  I was calmed by the natural flow of the trees and floras.  I was excited by the  possibilities that the pull of gravity might create.