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"Across Grain", 32 x 24" Wood Framed on 140 lb watercolor

Won the Honorable Mention Award, during the Women's Art Association of Hamilton, 115th Juried Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  February 2011

A bit about Watercolor

During high school art classes, one of the medium used was Watercolor.  I recalled when one of my art Instructor, Mr. Henderson, introduced watercolor paints and the different paper  weights and textures.  I fell in love with the medium!  I adored how the way paint and water  interacted with each other; the many different applications and  techniques  used based on the level of water saturation on the paper.  Most of all, I was captivated by the intricacy of how just watercolor can create light, shadow, depth and perception and how the final product can provoke the viewer's mood and feelings.